Trail Etiquette

To better enjoy your winter experience and that of others, please follow these guidelines.
* All of our groomed trails are two way trails – people can travel either direction
* Always yeild to the downhill skier by stepping off the trail
* Stay to the right of the trail as you travel
* Avoid stopping where others cannot see you (such blind corners and trail intersections)
* Those pulling sleds, please do not use the ski tracks (these are the parallel lanes set for cross-country skiing)
* Snowshoers are also asked not to use the ski tracks
* Observe any posted and closed signs
* Do not assume that motorized user will yield to non-motorized users
* If you encounter snowmobiles in the ski area, be polite and educate why this is a closed area

Dogs on the trail:
* Keep your dog under control at all times. Carry a leash and use it when necessary. Be considerate of other trail users, (not all skiers are happy to see dogs on the trail)
* Try to limit two dogs per group. Dog packs cause more problems and congestion on the trails.
* Clean up after your dog. Carry a small shovel or plastic baggie to scoop and flick dog waste off the trail.

Be a good ambassador for the sport of cross-country skiing, help others who do not know.
Lily Lake Yurt Brochure
Lily Lake Trail Map